Brendan Rowland

What amazes me most is the fact that my whole life I have always dealt with severe back pain, and done many things to try to prevent it with not much success. After one month of TKMT classes my back pain has all but disappeared. Due to the style of workout, my core strength has relieved all pressure from my back, making my nights and morning pain free. In my regular life, my brain is constantly racing in such a way that it is hard for me to find stillness in my mind. The intense physical workout forces you to focus your mind in such a way that mental clarity and concentration happen automatically. Precision, balance, breath, and body connectivity start to happen without thought. I am more relaxed after a gruelling Muay Thai class than I have been in my whole life. My mind, body and soul are connected, making my life richer, easier, and much more enjoyable. As for TKMT itself, I have never been to another gym that is more welcoming. The sense of friendship, and moreover the true love of Muay Thai from the instructors directly influence all who attend class. Not only with the sheer number of classes that are available, but the fact that all the instructor are there for you, wanting you to improve, welcoming questions and providing positive constructive criticism, makes TKMT the best gym I have ever known. It is now my second home. So thank you TKMT, I’ll be taking these classes for years and years to come.

Erin Seaman
Photographic Technician / Instructor Ontario College of Art and Design

My first experience with TKMT was attending one of the “in-house fights”. A friend of mine was competing, and I was curious to see how other Muay Thai gyms worked. I had previously trained at a very ‘grass roots’ type of gym where we were always sparring, and being one of the only females there, I was constantly sparring with men much stronger than me. I trained for about two years, and then after an injury, stopped sparring completely, but missed the training. When I came to TKMT, I was very pleased to see that it has the highest amount of female participants at a Muay Thai gym in the GTA. After stepping back into the atmosphere, and feeling very comfortable, I signed up. I began at the beginner level as all new comers do, and it had been a while since I had trained, so it was nice not to be thrown into the ring. I was quickly moved up to each new level as I got back into it, and always felt very challenged and comfortable with my training. I think that the best part about TKMT is that you decide how far you go. You can just come and learn a new skill, have a great cardio workout, or you can train towards fighting. This aspect of the gym is what has kept me coming back, and has encouraged many of my friends to try it out as well. The environment is welcoming and there is absolutely no attitude. Everyone is there for the same reason – to work their hardest. I have thoroughly enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, my training at TKMT. Thanks guys!!!

Renn Conway
Head of Communications Girls Athletic Association, Riverdale Collegiate Institute Toronto District School Board

I have asked Warren Lee on two occasions to show my high school classmates how to be active and healthy in a fun, positive way. As a school organizer, my task involves hiring and managing special school activities for charitable causes. Warren and his team have been punctual, they have an engaging attitude with the students (which is key to kids involvement in the event), and goes beyond expectations in delivering his promised services. I highly recommend Warren and his team at the Toronto Kickboxing & Muay Thai Academy to provide positive energy while teaching healthy and fun activities.

Angela Parker
Event Coordinator / Media Relations, The Girls Night Out Club

As part of its Health and Wellness Series, The Girls Night Out Club has been participating in plenty of sporting activities over the past few years. But the introduction to kickboxing session at TKMT really stood above the rest. The girls had a fantastic time learning the basics of kickboxing and conditioning. Our instructors were incredible; they were very patient, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. They made our first time kickboxing experience relaxing and entertaining. Afterwards we were feeling some pain, but the good pain! We had a great workout and we will be back. The Girls Night Out Club would like to thank Warren and Toronto Kickboxing & Muay Thai Academy for providing us with such a fabulous event.

Brad Nathan
President, Succession Capital Corporation

Warren is THE CLASS ACT OF MARTIAL ARTS. He shows respect to his students. He shows respect to his school. He has a respect and care for the community – TKMT puts on charity drives at the school by sponsoring regular ‘Fight Nights’ at TKMT. Furthering the sign of respect for the community, Warren came through for me when I put on a charity boxing match last fall – The Thrilla-In-Vanilla (www.thrillainvanilla.com) – and on last moment’s notice, he put on an excellent demonstration of his skills and put together a fight of two of his students. His teaching skills are excellent and I look forward to each and every session with him. Without a word of exaggeration I leave feeling much better – mentally and physically – than I did when I arrived. TKMT is an excellent school in so many ways – and I’m proud to belong there.