taking your first class


1- The first class is $10, which is transferable to a monthly, half-month, weekly membership, 10 class pass or package specials. Please refer to fees for more information on prices.

2- All of our locations are TTC accessible. If you are driving, there is free parking on the side streets.

3- Wear comfortable gym clothing. There is no need to bring an extra pair of workout shoes because we all train in bare feet, and the floors are all matted and cleaned daily. You should also bring a water bottle. Or if you forget your bottle, we have regular 500mL bottled water at the gym for $2 each. We also sell Gatorade for $3. For the uptown location, please bring a lock.

4- Please call or Email to let us know which class you’d be interested in trying out. You could come to any of the “Level 1 – Beginners” classes on the schedule. Or if you have previous Muay Thai experience, please give us a call to discuss which class you should be placed in.

5- For all first timers, please come at least 15 minutes BEFORE the class starts so we could get you orientated and to fill out the standard gym waiver. Take our number with you: (647) 391-4536 and call if you can’t find the location.

6- When the class starts, everyone will do warm-up together. Please keep in mind that the classes are intense. It is recommended that you work at your own pace and stop if you feel lightheaded or nauseated. It takes time to build up a solid level of physical fitness. The key to achieving this goal is to keep a positive attitude and to train regularly, and only then will you experience the many rewards. Our instructors understand this, as they have all been through it, and are accommodating, helpful and non-judgmental.

7- After your first class, you will continue in the Level 1 – Beginners class until you are ready to join the Level 2 and/or bootcamp classes. Please refer to our CLASSES link, read the prerequisites to get an idea of how to move up levels. We strongly recommend people without any martial arts experience build up a solid foundation of the basics and our instructors will be the ones who will graduate you up to the next level.

8- If you have a pair of hand wraps, bring them with you. If not, we have them for sale at the gym for $15 a pair, and it is important that you eventually purchase a pair and train with them to prevent strain and injuries to your wrists, fingers and hands over time. If you enjoyed your first class and have decided to come back, you should purchase your own boxing gloves, hand wraps and eventually a pair of shinguards when you move up from the beginner classes. We have them for sale at the gym for a special price or they are included for free as part of a package special (refer to our membership fees). Please note that it is not important to purchase all of this equipment right away – try the class first to see if you like it before making the commitment.

9- Unlike other gyms, TKMT does not believe in subjecting you to a sales pitch. All of our fees are listed on our website so you are able to select the best option for yourself. You will not be required to sign any contracts or pay an initiation fee, or made to commit to a membership. We let the gym and classes sell themselves and we simply want you to train hard and become fit through Muay Thai kickboxing. So just remember, without the sales pressure, the most important things in your first class are to learn something cool, get a great workout and most importantly, have fun!